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5月26日「世界カワウソの日(World Otter Day)」


Photo Credit: Wildlife Alliance

5月26日は「世界カワウソの日(World Otter Day)」です。



1)ビロードカワウソ(Smooth-coated Otter )・危急種

2)スマトラカワウソ(Hairy-nosed Otter)・絶滅危惧種

3) コツメカワウソ(Asian Small-clawed Otter)・危急種









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ちなみに、カンボジア王立芸術大学付属舞踊学校を卒業した初めての日本人学生は、「日本カンボジア舞踊協会」の主宰者、山中 ひとみ氏です。山中氏は舞踊学校在籍中、オム・ユヴァンナー教授に師事されました。卒業後は、唯一の日本人クメール古典舞踊家として、日本で活動されています。

山中 ひとみ氏、恩師のオム・ユヴァンナー氏との古典舞踊共演。Photo Credit: 日本カンボジア古典舞踊協会




Photo Credit: 日本カンボジア古典舞踊協会


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‘Tis The Season For Durian

(Report in English follows after Japanese)

Photo Credit: King of Durian Cambodia Facebook







日本にはドリアンを食べる習慣はありませんが、今後カンボジアへ渡航可能となった時には、是非一度ドリアンを食べてみてください!おススメです(By 館長)。

カンポット市中にあるドリアン彫像。Durian statue in Kampot city centre.

The month of May signifies the start of the wet season in Cambodia. However, it also signifies the start of another season – the durian season!


Known as the “King of Fruits” and native to Southeast Asia, the durian season usually runs from May to July. While Malaysia and Thailand are mostly known as top producers for durian, in fact in Cambodia, there is also a good amount of durian cultivation as well.


One of the most famous durian plantation in Cambodia can be found in Kampot province. It is so famous that there is even a durian statue being erected in Kampot city centre. It is said that Kampot durians are best in quality and has sweet durian flesh. Besides Kampot, durian plantations can also be found in Kampong Cham and Battambang provinces. However, unlike Malaysia and Thailand, durians harvested in Cambodia are usually sold and consumed locally.


Although the culture of durian-eating in Japan is still not as popular as yet, we definitely recommend trying durians in Cambodia the next time when we can travel to Cambodia. Believe me, durians are delicious!



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Royal Birthday of His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni

Photo Credit: Bangkok Post

We, at the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka would like to present our warmest best wishes of happiness, good health and longevity on this auspicious occasion of His Majesty’s 68th birthday.



Since it is King Norodom Sihamoni’s birthday today, here’s a little-known fact about the King himself.



King Norodom Sihamoni was awarded the Japan’s “Collar of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum” on 11 May 2010, making him the first Cambodian King to do so. The “Collar of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum” is Japan’s highest order, and it is the only order presented in the form of a necklace-like ornament. The order is usually presented to members of the Imperial House of Japan, former Japanese prime ministers, as well as foreign head of state/monarchs.


Photo Credit:



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“Hari Raya” & The Cambodian Muslims Community










Today is “Eid al-Fitr”, also known as “Hari Raya Aidilfitri”, a religious festival celebrated by Muslims around the world. The festival is to celebrate the end of Ramadan, a one-month period of fasting by Islam followers.


Not many people may know, but Muslim communities exist in Cambodia as well. Around 2-3% (300,000~400,000) of Cambodia’s population are Muslims, and they are made up of mainly the Cham people and Malay-Cambodians.


Like all Islam followers in other countries, Muslims in Cambodia follow the same Islam religion practices, such as going for prayers at local mosques in Cambodia and celebrating Islam religious festivals. Muslim women in Cambodia can also be spotted wearing the “Tudung/Hijab” head scarf. Every year it is said that some number of Cambodian Islam followers make pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest city of Islam as well.


However, many Muslims in Cambodia, especially the Cham people, are actually living in poverty. The Chams can be found living in rural areas in Cambodia, as well as along the banks of Mekong River and areas surrounding the Tonle Sap lake. They mainly depend on farming or fishing for a living.


While Muslims in Cambodia are often seen as an ethnic minority, in recent years, the Cambodian government has allowed Islam religion to be openly practiced in Cambodia, and provides necessary financial/welfare support to the impoverished Muslim communities in Cambodia.

写真: カンボジアにあるモスク(左)とクメールムスリム女性たち(右)
Photo: A mosque in Cambodia (left) and Cambodian Muslim women (right). Photo credit:



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国際看護師の日 ー 看護師たちへ敬意

International Nurses’ Day – A Salute To All Nurses










Today is International Nurses’ Day!

Although International Nurses’ Day has nothing to do with our Honorary Consulate, we know that nurses in Cambodia, Japan, and the rest of the world are facing a great challenge in their work these days, as they deal with the rising Covid-19 variant infection cases.


During the pandemic, as front-liners, nurses face high risks of Covid-19 infection through contact with patients. They are also subjected to stress and burnout as they work tirelessly to take care of Covid-19 patients and under a nurse-shortage situation in some places. Nurses are not only fighting Covid-19, but also discrimination or prejudice from the public amid any outbreak of Covid-19.


The contributions to the society by nurses deserve to be recognized and appreciated more.


Hence, to all nurses, whether in Cambodia, Japan or anywhere in the world, we salute you!



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