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‘Tis The Season For Durian

(Report in English follows after Japanese)

Photo Credit: King of Durian Cambodia Facebook







日本にはドリアンを食べる習慣はありませんが、今後カンボジアへ渡航可能となった時には、是非一度ドリアンを食べてみてください!おススメです(By 館長)。

カンポット市中にあるドリアン彫像。Durian statue in Kampot city centre.

The month of May signifies the start of the wet season in Cambodia. However, it also signifies the start of another season – the durian season!


Known as the “King of Fruits” and native to Southeast Asia, the durian season usually runs from May to July. While Malaysia and Thailand are mostly known as top producers for durian, in fact in Cambodia, there is also a good amount of durian cultivation as well.


One of the most famous durian plantation in Cambodia can be found in Kampot province. It is so famous that there is even a durian statue being erected in Kampot city centre. It is said that Kampot durians are best in quality and has sweet durian flesh. Besides Kampot, durian plantations can also be found in Kampong Cham and Battambang provinces. However, unlike Malaysia and Thailand, durians harvested in Cambodia are usually sold and consumed locally.


Although the culture of durian-eating in Japan is still not as popular as yet, we definitely recommend trying durians in Cambodia the next time when we can travel to Cambodia. Believe me, durians are delicious!



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