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当館が協力しているカンボジアフェスタ 2017 in Kyotoに当館スタッフが開会の挨拶を致しました。

2017年11月19日、当館スタッフが特定非営利活動法人ま心様が主催するカンボジアフェスタ 2017 in Kyoto(京都市梅小路公園)に出席し、開会の挨拶を行いました。














The staff of the honorary consulate attended Cambodia Festa 2017 in Kyoto to make an opening ceremony call. It is the first Cambodia Festa held in Kansai area so far.


There are a lot of activities such as wind music band by the junior high school students, Cambodian traditional dancing show, and chemistry experiment workshop for kids and band music show. Furthermore, the charity event was also held to collect sporting goods (baseball shoes, gloves, bats and so on) for the children in Cambodia. 


 This event is organized by NPO Macocoro which has been working on for the development of education field in the local area of Cambodia for years.


 We, Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka will work together with NPO Macocoro to have good relationship with Cambodia and to help developing the local area of Cambodia.


写真:吹奏楽の演奏風景, Wind music band play by the junior high school


写真:飲食ブースの様子, Food and drink booth

写真:カンボジア舞踊, Cambodia Traditional Dance


Picture: Sports items donated by the attendants of the festival