「One World Festival」開催中 ー 2月1日(火)~28日(月)
“One World Festival” (1 February – 28 February 2022)

(English follows after Japanese)

本日から2月28日まで、「ワン・ワールド・フェスティバル(One World Festival)」が開催されています。







  • カンボジア料理「Num Banh Chok Tek Prey」レシピ紹介:https://onefes-live.net/kitchen_field/142/


  • カンボジア古典舞踊紹介:https://onefes-live.net/stage_field/113/
  • カンボジア楽器・ダンス紹介:https://onefes-live.net/stage_field/115/




「ワン・ワールド・フェスティバル(One World Festival)」公式サイト:https://onefes-live.net/



From today until 28 February 2022 is the start of the “One World Festival”.


The “One World Festival”, which is held in February every year since 1993, is a big event in the Kansai・West Japan region to promote international cooperation and cultural exchange.  In past years, the festival was organized as an outdoor event in places like Osaka Castle Park, Osaka International House Foundation and Osaka City Ogimachi Park. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival was changed to an online event from last year.


And this year, our Honorary Consulate is honoured to be invited to participate in the event by submitting three Cambodia-themed videos! The link to the videos are as per below:


Online Kitchen

  • Cambodian Food “Num Banh Chok Tek Prey” Recipe: https://onefes-live.net/kitchen_field/142/

Online Stage

  • Khmer Classical Dance:https://onefes-live.net/stage_field/113/
  • Khmer Music & Dance:https://onefes-live.net/stage_field/115/


They are really informative videos and so please do check it out! And do remember to “Like” it too!

One World Festival official site:https://onefes-live.net/