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世界ライオンの日 World Lion Day

(Report in English follows after Japanese)

Photo credit: Lion World Travel

本日8月10日(火)は「世界ライオンの日(World Lion Day)」です。この啓発デーの創設者はNetflixのドキュメンタリー「タイガーキング」(Tiger King)に出ている 「ビッグキャットレスキュー」(Big Cat Rescue)という動物保護団体です。この啓発デーは、ライオンの保護の大切さを多くの人に知ってもらうために創設されました。そこで、今日はライオンについて、詳しく学んでいきましょう!




今年の4月に、ペットとして飼育されているライオンがTikTokビデオに登場した後、カンボジアの警察が調査を始めました。そして6月27日に、NGOのワイルドライフ・アライアンス(Wildlife Alliance)の協力のもと、警察は飼い主のプノンペンにあるヴィラからライオンを押収しました。また、ライオンの飼い主は、住宅で違法に野生生物を飼育したという理由で、罰金も課せられました。







  1. ライオンの群れを、英語では「プライド」(pride)と呼ぶ。
  2. ライオンの群れでは、主にメスが狩りをし、オスは群れを守る役割をしている。
  3. ライオンは「ジャングルの王」(King of the jungle) と呼ばれているが、実際はジャングルではなくサバンナに住んでいることが多い。
  4. ライオンは自然界では天敵がおらず食物連鎖のトップに君臨しているにもかかわらず、IUCN(国際自然保護連合)の絶滅危惧種に認定されている。


プノンペンのヴィラでペットのライオンと飼い主。The owner with his pet lion in his Phnom Penh villa. Photo credit: Ministry of Environment Cambodia.


Today, 10th August (Tue.) is World Lion Day. This awareness day was founded by Big Cat Rescue, an exotic feline sanctuary known for being on the Netflix documentary series Tiger King. World Lion Day celebrates and brings awareness to the importance of the conservation of Lions. So let’s increase our awareness by learning more about lions today!


Usually, when we hear “pets” we imagine dogs or cats. However, a man living in Cambodia actually has a lion as a pet! That’s really a giant cat for a pet!


After the owner’s pet lion had appeared on Tiktok videos in April this year, the Cambodian police authorities started investigations. Then on June 27, with the help of NGO Wildlife Alliance, the pet lion was confiscated from its owner at his villa in Phnom Penh. The owner was also fined by the Cambodian police for the illegal keeping of lions in private homes.


However, after a series of social media posts that appealed for the lion to be returned to its owner got viral, Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen intervened and agreed to the proposal under the condition that the lion is well contained. The fine paid will be returned to the owner as well.


It is a wonderful thing to witness the love and care that the owner has for his pet lion. However, we certainly do not recommend lions as pets, for they are exotic animals and born to live in the wild.


And below are more Fun Facts about lions to know:


Fun Facts About Lions:

  1. A group of lions is called a “pride”.
  2. Female lions do most of the hunting in the pride, while male lions protect their pride.
  3. Lions are often referred to as “King of the Jungle” but they usually live in savannahs.
  4. Despite being at the top of the food chain with no natural predators, lions are considered vulnerable to extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.



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