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Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka Marks 20th Anniversary!

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Our Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka turned 20 today!


Our warmest thanks to our business associates and affiliated partners for the congratulatory flowers and messages received for this occasion.


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we were not able to hold any commemorative events to commemorate our 20th Anniversary this year. In lieu of that, a mini celebration was held within our office with a special cake presented to our Honorary Consul Mr. Yamada.


Honorary Consul Mr. Yamada shared that in the blink of an eye, 20 years have passed as he gave his best to foster the diplomatic relations between Japan and Cambodia ever since the opening of the Honorary Consulate office. He hopes to continue to do his best to contribute to both countries while placing importance on health at the same time. For that, the continuous support from all our business associates and affiliated partners is needed as well.


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山田名誉領事へ特別な20周年ケーキをプレゼント。そして、経済再生担当、西村大臣より頂いた祝賀メッセージ。Special 20th Anniversary cake presented to Honorary Consul Mr. Yamada, and congratulatory message received from Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy.

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20年前の開館式典の際。Throwback to year 2001 during the opening ceremony of our Honorary Consulate office.