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Meak Bochea Day ミアックボーチァ祭

(English report follows after Japanese)

例年「Meak Bochea」祝祭日の様子。Photo credit: Khmer Times

カンボジアでは、今日は「Meak Bochea・ミアックボーチァ祭(万仏節)」の日です。「Meak Bochea」は仏教の祝祭日であり、毎年クメール旧暦3月(Meakという)の満月の日に行われます。「Meak Bochea」は、仏陀が1,250名の弟子との集まりで自分が3か月後に入滅する(死ぬ)ことを伝えた日だそうです。ちなみに、仏陀が入滅した日は、「Visak Bochea・ピサックボーチャー祭(仏誕節)」と呼ばれています。


カンボジアだけではなく、隣接国のタイやラオス、ミャンマーなどにも同様の行事があり、「Magha Puja・マーガプージャ」と呼ばれています。また、地方によっても祝う日が異なるようです。もともと「Meak Bochea」はカンボジアの祝日でしたが、昨年からカンボジア政府の意向で廃止されました。


この日には、多くの人々が寺院やパゴダ、カンダール州にある「Preah Reachtroap (Oudong)」を訪れます。「Preah Reachtroap (Oudong)」は小高い丘にストゥーパがある有名な仏教遺跡群で、パワースポットとして知られています。毎年そこで記念式典が開催されるため、人々が参拝しお供え物を捧げます。夜にはランタンが上がります。


今年はコロナ禍の中でも式典は予定通り開催されますが、カンボジア政府は、「Meak Bochea」に参加する際には、しっかり感染予防対策をとり参拝するようにと国民に指示しました。


Today in Cambodia is Meak Bochea Day. “Meak Bochea” is a well-known Buddhist festival, and is celebrated on the full moon of the third month (called “Meak”) of the Khmer Calendar every year. Meak Bochea Festival commemorates the day when Buddha gathered with 1,250 of his disciples and informed them of his death three months later. This date three months later is also known as Vesak Bochea Day.


Other than Cambodia, “Meak Bochea” is also celebrated in neighbouring Buddhist countries such as Thailand, Laos, Myanmar etc., and it is known as “Magha Puja” in these places. The date for celebration also differs amongst these areas. Originally, “Meak Bochea” was supposed to be a public holiday in Cambodia. However, it was scrapped off by the Cambodian government from last year onwards.


On Meak Bochea Day, many Cambodians will visit nearby temples/pagodas, and a place called “Preah Reachtroap (Oudong)” in the Kandal province. “Preah Reachtroap (Oudong)” is a hill area, where a stupa of Buddha’s relics can be found on the hill-top. Every year, religious ceremonies will be held there and people will come to pay their respects and give offerings. When night comes, people will also release lanterns into the sky.


This year, despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the festival will proceed as usual. However the Cambodian government has advised its citizens to take necessary precautions against Covid-19 infection while attending the festival.



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