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New Cambodian Shoe Brand In Japan. WOW!

(English report follows after Japanese)

日本でメード・イン・カンボジアのブランドを目にすることは滅多にありませんが、昨年12月に、カンボジア発のエシカルシューズブランド「Kingdom of Wow!」が日本に初上陸しました!本当にWow(わぁ)です!

「Kingdom of Wow! (KOW!)」は、オランダ出身の女性デザイナーのGodie Van de Paal氏により、2015年にシェムリアップで設立されたシューズブランドです。ブランドコンセプトとして、近年提唱されているSDGs(持続可能な開発目標)を取り入れ、エコで持続的に社会に貢献できる、スローファッション(愛着を持って丁寧に長く楽しむファッション)のルームシューズを提供しています。カンボジアの工房で現地の女性たちを雇用し、手編みでシューズを作っています。シューズの素材や製造工程なども、すべて環境負担の削減に配慮しています。







Made-In-Cambodia brands are hardly heard of here in Japan, but just in December last year, a Cambodian ethical shoe brand, named “Kingdom of Wow!” has reached the shores of Japan, and this is something that deserves our “Wow!”


“Kingdom of Wow! (KOW!)” is a shoe brand first established in Siem Reap in 2015 by a Dutch female designer named Godie Van de Paal. The brand concept is to come up with “Slow Fashion” room-wear shoes that are eco-friendly and promotes sustainability, in line with the SDGs global campaign in recent years. Their shoe factory in Cambodia employs Cambodian women in the local community, and the shoes are personally hand-knitted by them. Consideration towards reducing burden on the environment are also given in the raw materials used and the manufacturing process.


Judging from the photos, the shoes sure look fashionable and cute for wearing. Besides that, the wool material of the shoes provides warmth and makes it perfect for room-wear in the cold winter season in Japan. For now, KOW! is available for purchase through their online store, and they do not just carry shoes for ladies, but the guys get it as well!


The shoes looked so comfortable to wear that we’d like to try it on for ourselves too if there is a chance.


To find out more about KOW!, do check out their website at



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