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クメール粥 Khmer Porridge

(English report follows after Japanese)





「ボッボー」の作り方について知りたい!という方!今週の土曜日(1/9)に旅行会社Peace In Tourが主催するオンラインツアーで、カンボジアのお寺での初詣や「ボッボー」などが紹介される予定ですので、もしご興味がありましたら、是非参加してみてください!詳細は、下記のURLからご確認いただけます。



クメールお粥 ボッボー / Khmer Porridge Bor Bor. Photo Credit:

Today is “Nanakusa-Gayu” day! Otherwise known as the Seven Herbs Porridge-Eating Day. As per New Year tradition in Japan, after a week-long of binge-eating and drinking to celebrate New Year, in order to let their heavy stomach take a rest, the Japanese will consume a porridge cooked with seven different herbs on 7 January.


In Cambodia, such similar belief exists as well. As we all know, Cambodia has a hot climate all year round, and cooking oil are heavily used in Cambodian dishes. As such, people require something light for their stomach. That is when the Cambodians have a porridge dish called, “Bor Bor”. Instead of seven herbs, “Bor Bor” is cooked with ingredients like pork/chicken meat, pepper, fish sauce, lime, coriander leaves, spring onions, beansprouts etc., making it a very refreshing meal to have!


The weather have turned cold yet again today, and it sure is good to stay warm by having a bowl of piping hot Seven Herbs porridge!



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