Thank God It’s Black Friday! 黒字の金曜日!

(English report follows after Japanese)

TGIF! 今日はブラックフライデーです!お買い物したくてウズウズしている方も多いのでは?








Thank God It’s Friday! And it’s Black Friday! We are sure some of you are already getting in the mood and can’t wait to do some great shopping.


Across places like United States, United Kingdom, Japan and etc., this weekend (or some places have already started last week) will see shopping malls everywhere carrying out great discounts and sales. Of course, Cambodia too, has caught up with this global trend, and the popularity of “Black Friday” has been growing in recent years. Especially in this year with the current Covid-19 pandemic going on, “Black Friday” is seen as a good opportunity to help boost the retail businesses in Cambodia.


Anyways, regardless if you are in Japan or Cambodia or in any other parts of the world, while you are heading out to snatch that great shopping deal this weekend, do not forget about taking necessary precaution against Covid-19 at the same time as well! It sure is important to help boost profits of retail businesses, but remember your personal health is equally important as well.



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