(English report follows after Japanese)







It is 11 November! And we are left with 50 days to go until the end of 2020 (I know we all can’t wait for this terribly “eventful” year to end seriously). 11 November is also a day to commemorate the end of World War I 102 years ago, and is known as “Pocky/Pretz Day” in Japan, and “Singles’ Day” in China and areas in Southeast Asia.


Talking about singles, there is a superstitious belief in Cambodia that young Cambodian singles will count the sound of a gecko’s crying to find out if they will marry a “Bachelor/Bachelorette” or a “Widow/Widower” in the future. The first sound made by the gecko means “a Bachelor/Bachelorette”, and the second sound made by the gecko means “a Widow/Widower”, and the counting repeats until the gecko stop its crying. The last sound made by the gecko will of course determine the result.


Well, how true this is, we are not sure. But no harm trying it with a pinch of salt!


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