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「Clean Phnom Penh」キャンペーン Campaign 2020

(English report follows after Japanese)

2020年11月4日より、カンボジアの首都プノンペンにて「Clean Phnom Penh」キャンペーンが実施されています。


毎年恒例の「Clean Phnom Penh」キャンペーンは、今年で第4回を迎えました。11月に実施されることから、11月は「Clean Month(クリーンの月)」とも呼ばれます。今年のキャンペーンスローガンは「Clean As A New Habit」です。





Photo credit: Japan-Cambodia Association 一般社団法人日本カンボジア協会

Yesterday, 4 November 2020, saw the kick-off of the “Clean Phnom Penh” campaign in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.


This year is the fourth time that the annual campaign was organized, and November is also known as the “Clean Month” in Cambodia due to the campaign being held in November. The campaign slogan for this year is, “Clean As A New Habit”.


According to Hun Many, one of the co-founders of the campaign, with the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, he hopes more Cambodian people can make it as a habit to practise personal hygiene and take up necessary precautions against Covid-19 through this campaign. He also mentioned of the need to educate more people on proper disposal of trash in order to provide a clean and healthy environment to the city.


Speaking about trash disposal, the ten waste collection trucks, which was donated to Cambodia during the presentation ceremony at the Shirokita Environmental Business Centre, Osaka City in late-June this year, have arrived safely in Phnom Penh city last month. Upon arrival, the trucks were immediately dispatched to go around the streets of Phnom Penh city to collect trash. As you may have also noticed from the photos above, the trucks were moving around still with their Osaka-city logo, and so if you happened to be an Osaka-born expatriate living in Phnom Penh, do not be alarmed by the sight of the trucks!


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