カンボジアブギーマン・Cambodia Bogeyman

(English report follows after Japanese)

世界中に子供をさらう怪物は存在します。日本には「なまはげ」、西洋には「ブギーマン」、そしてカンボジアには「Bro Mat Bro Mong」がいます。


「Bro Mat Bro Mong」は、群れから離れたひよこを捕まえる鷹の名前に由来します。それが転じて、子どもが怪物に連れ去られることを指すようになりました。カンボジアの田舎に住んでいる子どもたちは、よく両親から「遅くまで外で遊んじゃダメ!Bro Mat Bro Mongにさらわれるよ!」と脅かされているようです。


しかし、実は「Bro Mat Bro Mong」の名を借りて、大人たちは子どもたちに、悪意ある人さらいのことを警告しているのです。

Superstitious beliefs of monsters that capture children exist everywhere in the world. In Japan, there is the “Namahage”. In the West, there is the “Bogeyman”. And in Cambodia, they have the “Bro Mat Bro Mong”.


“Bro Mat Bro Mong” was originally the name of a hawk species, that prey on little chickens which stray away from the flock. It then became a term used to describe children being taken away by monsters. As a result, especially in rural areas in Cambodia, parents telling their children, “Do not stay out too late or the Bro Mat Bro Mong will come and catch you!” are often being heard.


However, what we think is, adults are just trying to make use of “Bro Mat Bro Mong” as a reason to warn their children of real-life child-kidnappers around.



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