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October is month of Halloween. While Halloween may not be a holiday in Cambodia, and Cambodia’s very own Ghost Month – Pchum Ben Festival is over (see Fun Facts About Cambodia (6): The Ghost Festival of Cambodia), in cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, there are events to celebrate Halloween.


This year, even though it looks like going out dressing up in your most grotesque outfit for Halloween parties will be difficult (no thanks to the pandemic), to keep you in the Halloween mood, we will share some tales of the supernatural and superstitions in Cambodia in the weeks leading up to Halloween on 31st October.


Monster Watch: Ap Watch

The “Ap Watch” is not an imitation product of Apple Watch that we are trying to talk about here. Rather, we want to tell you that the “Ap” may be “Watching” you if you do happen to be in Cambodia.


The Ap is one of the well-known supernatural creatures in Cambodia. In the day she is a young, beautiful lady, and behaves like any other ordinary humans. However, when night comes, she detaches her head from her body, and flies around with intestines hanging down from her neck. She will attack other humans, pregnant women and men especially, and feeds on their fetuses or intestines.


Many Cambodians believe the existence of the Ap, and there are people who reported seeing the Ap in person as well. The Ap has also frequently been the subject of a number of movies and dramas in Cambodia.


For your info, besides Cambodia, the Ap-like supernatural creature can also be found in other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, but with a different name. For example, in Thailand it is known as “Krasue”.

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