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カティナ フェスティバル・Kathina Festival

(English report follows after Japanese)

カティナ布地の写真。Photo of Kathina cloth. Photo credit: Amaravati Buddhist Monastery







Every year from the beginning of October, the Kathina Festival starts in Cambodia. The Kathina Festival is one of the biggest religious events amongst the various Buddhist countries, such as Thailand, Laos, Myanmar etc., and it lasts for one month, starting from 3 October until 31 October this year.


The word “Kathina” is derived from Pali language, and it refers to the cloth that is offered to Buddhist monks after the end of their 3-month meditation training during the rainy season. According to the teachings of Buddhism, it is said that in order to avoid harming crops and other living things unintentionally, Buddhist monks should refrain from going out during the rainy season. And at the end, the saying goes that, Gautama Buddha gave cloth to the Buddhist monks for their effort made towards the rainy season retreat. Therefore, during this Kathina Festival period, Cambodians will visit the pagodas and make donations of cloth, money and food to the Buddhist monks.


From the point of view of Buddha’s teachings, the restriction of outdoor movement seems applicable in this current pandemic that we are going through. Like the receiving of Kathina cloth from Gautama Buddha, we certainly believe that good things await us at the end of this movement restriction period, and we will be able to overcome this pandemic together!


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