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カンボジアの豆知識 (9): カンボジアの国花

Fun Facts About Cambodia (9): National Flower of Cambodia

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Most of you would know that the national flower of Japan is the chrysanthemum, or the cherry blossom (Sakura). But do you know then what is the national flower of Cambodia? ・・・Well, the answer is, the Rumduol flower. It was officially declared as Cambodia’s national flower in a royal decree by King Norodom Sihamoni in 2005.


Rumduol flowers are yellowish-white in colour, and they bloom on trees that can reach up to 8~12 metres in height. In the late afternoons and evenings, it gives out a very nice fragrance that can be smelled even at a distance away. Because of its fragrant smell, the Khmer people in the past used the Rumduol to make lip waxes for ladies. As such, beautiful Khmer ladies were often complimented for being as beautiful as the Rumduol flower.


There were other uses of the Rumduol as well, such as using of its stem for construction materials, and its fruits being harvested to sell in markets.


The flowering period of the Rumduol is between December and March, and it can be found in almost everywhere in Cambodia. Now how wonderful it will be if only we can go to Cambodia to catch the Rumduol flowers in its next flowering season.

ロムドゥオル花の写真 Photo of Rumduol flower. Photo Credit: The Culture Trip


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