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カンボジアの豆知識 (8): カンボジア通貨のリエル-リティー(現実)

Fun Facts About Cambodia (8): The Riel-ity of Cambodia’s Currency

(English report follows after Japanese)









  1. 汚れているもしくは破れている紙幣で支払おうとすると、店に断られる場合があります。ですので、両替所等でボロボロになった紙幣を受け取ったら、その場で綺麗な紙幣に交換してもらってください。
  2. 店で高額紙幣を使うと、おつりが出ない場合があります。米ドルに両替する際は、なるべく小額紙幣をもらうようにしてください。
  3. 米ドルの硬貨は流通していませんので、1米ドル以下のおつりは、リエルになります。




As you make a search for Cambodia’s currency on the internet, the answer you get will be the Riel currency. While Riel may be the official currency of Cambodia, the truth is, the US dollar is in fact much more widely used in Cambodia compared to Riel.


In Cambodia, you will find many hotels and restaurants have their prices indicated in US currency. Not only that, one is also able to withdraw US dollars from the ATMs in Cambodia.


Now you may wonder, why US dollars? And since when the US currency was being used in Cambodia? Regarding this, it goes back to the time when Cambodia was under the administration of UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) in 1992. During that period, huge amount of US dollars was brought into Cambodia’s economy by the United Nations peacekeeping operations. Besides that, the citizens of Cambodia felt US currency was more stable than Riel, and that’s when US dollars began to be widely used by Cambodians. Since then, the people of Cambodia got used to the convenience of using US currency and remain using it even until today.


Now here are some things to note when making payment in US currency in Cambodia.

  1. You might be rejected at the cashier if you use US dollar notes that are dirtied or damaged. Therefore, if you do receive dollars notes that are in a bad condition at the money changer etc., do request for an exchange on the spot.
  2. When you use big-denomination notes at shops, they might not have enough change for you. Hence, as much as possible, try to get notes in smaller denomination when changing money.
  3. As US currency coins are not used in Cambodia, for amount less than 1 US dollar, you will get your change back in Riel currency.

In summary, it is not necessary for you to change Japanese yen to Cambodian Riel beforehand if you are planning to visit Cambodia. We are sure you are able to go around and enjoy travelling in Cambodia with just US dollars on hand!

Photo Credit: Swedish Nomad


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