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カンボジアの豆知識 (2): 国旗が独特!

Fun Facts About Cambodia (2): A Unique Flag!

(English report follows after Japanese)






  • 青色:王権、あるいは自由と協力
  • 赤色:国家と国王に対する国民の忠誠心
  • 白色:仏教徒



With country flags of all colours and designs around, Cambodia definitely has one of the most unique flags in the world. And that is because… it has a building being featured in the middle of the flag!


The building is none other than Cambodia’s most well-known spot, ”Angkor Wat” which was registered as an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992. Apart from Cambodia, other countries that have a flag featuring a building in the middle includes, Afghanistan, Portugal, Spain and San Marino.


Each of the three colours on Cambodia’s flag has its own meaning as well.

  • Blue: the Royalty of Cambodia, or freedom and co-operation
  • Red: the Cambodia nation and bravery and loyalty of its people
  • White: Buddhism, the religion of the country


Here at our Honorary Consulate office, we also have a large Cambodia flag on display. So the next time when you are here for visa application, do check out the Cambodia flag if you haven’t!


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