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Fun Facts About Cambodia (1): There Are No McDonald’s In Cambodia!

(English report follows after Japanese)






(1) カンボジアの国民所得が低いため。



(2) カンボジアの首都プノンペンの人口が少ないため。





The on-going Covid-19 pandemic has literally brought a halt to international travel, which includes Cambodia.


While going to Cambodia for holiday may not be possible anytime soon, to continue to garner your interest about Cambodia,  every week from now we will feature one interesting fact about Cambodia through our blog here.


And now for the very first fun fact about Cambodia –  You Can’t Find McDonald’s In Cambodia!


Cambodia is one of the very few countries in which McDonald’s has not stepped foot on. It is believed that there are reasons as to why it doesn’t.


(1) Low in Income of Citizens

Currently the average monthly income of Cambodia citizens is around USD 190 (equivalent to about 20, 000 yen), which is being seen as having a low purchasing power.


(2) Low in Population in Phnom Penh

As of 2019, the population of Cambodia capital, Phnom Penh is at around 2 million people. Because of that, it is being thought as not being profitable for McDonald’s to set up business in Cambodia, coupled with the low spending power.

Nevertheless, while you can’t find McDonald’s in Cambodia, there are still KFC, Burger King, and Lucky Burger (Cambodia’s equivalent of McDonald’s) available in Cambodia. So no worries at all for all big fans of fast food!

Lucky Burger of Cambodia


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Remote Meeting With Overseas Affiliations by Honorary Consul Mr. Yamada

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On 16 July 2020, a remote meeting with overseas affiliations was held by Honorary Consul Mr. Hideo Yamada, at the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka office.


At the beginning of the meeting, as it was Mr. Yamada’s birthday today, representatives from the overseas affiliation sent their warmest birthday wishes to Mr. Yamada. Thereafter, for about an hour, Mr. Yamada exchanged views with the representatives on the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the post-Covid-19 economy, as well as on the recovery of tourism business in the current world.


Hereby, we sincerely wish for the Covid-19 pandemic to be over soon, and also for everyone to be in good health. At our Honorary Consulate office here in Osaka, through our visa issuance duty and other related administration tasks, we will work towards assisting in the recovery of tourism business from now on.






カンボジア王国 ウン・ラチャナ特命全権大使が来阪されました。

Ambassador of Royal Embassy of Cambodia, H.E. Mr. UNG Rachana Visits Osaka

(English report follows after Japanese)















On 30 June 2020, ambassador of Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan, H.E. Mr. UNG Rachana, visited Osaka for the official ceremony of presentation of waste collection trucks.


Despite the bad rainy weather on that day, the presentation ceremony carried out as per planned at the Shirokita Environmental Business Centre, Osaka City. Thanks to the effort made by Mr. Takahashi, president of Japan-Cambodia Association, the donation of 10 waste collection trucks from Osaka City to Cambodia was made possible this time. In Cambodia, land waste disposal has been a serious problem, and it is hoped that through the donation of the waste collection trucks, the problem can be resolved gradually.


After the presentation ceremony, H.E. Mr. UNG Rachana and second secretary, Mr. Kao Kolvorn, also paid a visit to the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka office. Speaking with Honorary Consul Mr. Hideo Yamada, both sides discussed about the measures taken by Cambodia and Japan in the control of Covid-19 pandemic, the current business situation, as well as co-operation plans for the future.


While the global situation is still tough during this on-going pandemic, we at the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka strives to continue to work towards promoting the close bilateral relationship between Cambodia and Japan.



於:ゴミ収集車贈呈式               於:当館(写真撮影時のみマスクを外しております)

Left pic: At the presentation ceremony of waste collection trucks

Right pic: H.E. Mr. UNG Rachana with Honorary Consul Mr. Hideo Yamada at the Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka