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Information for Visa Application

・Visa is required for entry to Cambodia
・necessary validity term of the passport:more than 6 months from the date of entry to Cambodia
・Both Tourism and business visa validity: 3 months from date of application
・Number of entry: Single entry for each valid visa
・Length of stay: Max 1 month
※ Even if visa should be issued despite the insufficient validity term,
honorary consulate never takes on the responsibility for it.
So please confirm the validity term yourself.


Visa application procedure and visa application form

We issue Cambodia visa to Japanese and Foreigner living in Japan. Applying for Cambodia visa at our office, you are required to download our office’s specific application form, fill in the form, seal one portrait photo on it and bring it together with your passport to our office. For more infomation please see requirements below.

Application method

1.Requirements for visa application:

Japanese National:

Ⅰ.One visa application form ( You can obtain it at the Honorary Consulate.)
Ⅱ.One recent portrait photo taken within 3 months (size 35mm x 45mm)
※ You can paste it to the application.
Ⅲ. Passport (valid at least 6 months from the date of entry to Cambodia)

Non Japanese National (holders of Ordinary Passports):

Applicant is required as same as Japanese nationals and submits with an additional copy of ID Card (for long-term resident) and copy of passport(data page only).
Note: Passport holders from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Algeria, Saudi-Arabia, Iraq, Iran and Nigeria must supply the followings additional references:
・ Residence certificate
・ A copy of return air ticket issued by airlines in Japan
・ A copy of ID Card and passport (data page only)
・ A support letter or invitation letter from office or organization in Cambodia where applicant plans to visit (if a visa application for business/official trip).
・ A guarantee letter from travel agency in Cambodia or a confirmation letter of hotel reservation (if a visa application for tourist trip).
・ Applicants must have a re-entry permit for Japan
・ It is advisable that the above-mentioned nationals who wish to visit Cambodia as tourist should join tour package arranged by any travel agency in Japan which is the main guarantor for travel of its clients.

Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports

Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports of Japan are permitted to enter and stay in Cambodia without a visa not exceeding 30 days.
Applicant of non-Japanese national holder of Diplomatic or Official/Service Passport requires to complete the followings:
- Two visa application forms (one original and one copy) attached withone recent passport sized photograph (35 mm X 45 mm and with white background), and submit with applicant’s original passport.
- Two photocopies of passport (data page only)
- Verbal Note from their respective foreign mission in Tokyo (one original and one copy).

Staff of UN Agencies, International Organizations, government’s agencies and NGOs

Staff of UN agencies and International Organizations based in Japan, personnel of Japan’s governmental agencies, and members of Japanese Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), holding Ordinary Passport, are required to complete the followings:

- Two visa application forms (one original and one copy) attached with one recent passport sized photograph (35 mm X 45 mm and with white background), and submit with applicant’s original passport.
- Two photocopies of passport (data page only)
- Staff of Japanese NGOs operating in Cambodia are required to submit an additional copy of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which their headquarter office have signed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia.
- Staff of Japanese NGOs without representative office in Cambodia are required to submit an invitation letter from institution or conference/workshop organizer in Cambodia, and the letter of request from the head of NGO to which applicant belongs (one original and one copy).
- Letter of request from the head of UN Agencies or International Organizations to which applicant belongs and invitation letter from institutions or organizers of conference/workshop in Cambodia (one original and one copy).
- Two copies of ID Card issued by the head office where applicant is working for.

2.Visa fee:

Ⅰ. Tourism visa : 4,400 Yen.
Ⅱ. Business visa : 4,900 Yen

3.Visa business hours and holiday :

Open day and hours: Monday - Friday, morning only (9:00am - 12:00am)
You can’t apply for a visa or pick up the passport after 12:00pm.
Closing day: Saturday, Sunday, Japanese holiday
Official holiday: We follow Japanese Calendar. New Year & Summer Bon
holidays will be noticed on our website.

4.Days required for the visa issuance:

2 days from the date of acceptance of your application except Saturdays, Sundays, and Japanese holidays.

5. How to apply Cambodia visa at our office:

Ⅰ. Application by individual: Applicant must come to apply for visa in person at our office.

Ⅱ. Application by representative: Travel agent, your family member, friend, workmate can come to apply on your behalf. In this case, your application form must be filled and signed by yourself in advance and your representative must bring required documents as mentioned in “Requirements for visa application” above.

※ Remark: Application by post will never be accepted.

6. Visa extension procedure:

Tourism visa extension: one time only. Extension period: 30 days
Business visa extension: There are 1 montha, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month type (multiple visa). Extension procedure can be done only at Department of Immigration , Ministry of Interior, Cambodia after your entry into Cambodia.
Location: In front of Phnom Penh International Airport, along national road No. 4.

Honorary Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia in Osaka

12-6 Chayamachi Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan Espasion Umeda Bldg. 9F 〒530-0013
Tel: (81) 6 6376-2305 Fax (81) 6 6376-2306

Validity and Length of stay

Validity of visa: 3 months (starting from date of issuance)
Length of stay: 30 days (one month)

Visa exemption and length of stay

List of Visa Exemption by Cambodia

I- With ASEAN Countries

II- With Other Countries