山田英男 名誉領事 Hideo Yamada Honorary Consul


The Honorary Consulate in Osaka officially opened its doors in April 2001 in congruence with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia.

 The Kingdom of Cambodia has entrusted and certified us to grant visas as well as promote cultural exchange.
According to the statistics of the tourist bureau, when we first opened our doors in 2001, there were approximately 600 thousand foreigners visiting Cambodia. Over the years, the number of visitors has significantly increased. In 2012, there were approximately 3.5 million foreigners visiting Cambodia. Similarly in 2001, 17,952 Japanese tourists visited Cambodia. Whereas in 2011, ten times more of the amount, 161,804 Japanese tourists visited Cambodia.

 We believe that political stability has greatly influenced the revival of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Tourism as well as investments stimulates and promotes economic revitalization. In June 2007, Prime Minister Hun Sen came to Japan and established the Japan-Cambodia Investment Agreement. Slowly but steadily, a safe environment where people can invest in Cambodia is being formed. In addition in 2015, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) which includes Cambodia, is going to eliminate tariffs and the free trade zone will be established.

 In order to stride as equal partners, we believe that it is very important to acknowledge the change and capture the momentum to develop economic growth in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

就任披露パーティー 【2001.4】